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Center Bumps – Paris DJs Special (Download)

Center Bumps - Paris DJs

* All Vinyl Mix | Cover Artwork by Andrés Jiménez

This month’s podcast mix comes to you courtesy of the Paris based website for all things soulful, funky and deep – Paris DJs.  I’ve been checking for Paris DJs for a number of years now, always updated with the latest info on some of my favorite artists and releases.

When the opportunity came to do an exclusive mix for their site, I was more than happy to put this together. Below are a couple questions you may have regarding the mix and you’ll find the link to download it straight to your digital player here.

What are Center Bumps?

Center Bumps are tunes that I’m feeling that particular week and/or month. They are songs in constant rotation and highlight new and old music that I’ve dug up in that respective time period. I use to include charts in my mailing list emails and people would always write back asking how they could hear that music.  Well, now you can courtesy of these monthly mixes.

Why did you choose to do an all Vinyl mix?

To be honest I’m still high off of Everything in Time being released on vinyl. Vinyl is still my favorite way to listen to music. I have so many gems that haven’t been released digitally, so it made sense to spread love the analog way.

Why Paris DJs?

Djouls and crew been putting it down for years on that side of the Atlantic, always keeping it fresh. With so many people in common, it was only a matter of time til we connected online for a release!

DJ Center – Center Bumps (Paris DJs Spécial) (Download)

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DJ Center- You Got the Love feat Gretchen Parlato (Sam Champ Remix)

DJ Center - Everything In Time Remixed

Today is the first in a series of free downloads from the forthcoming, Everything in Time Remixed project, coming to your digital player this October.

Remixes are always refreshing to me as I get to see how other folks re-interpret the works. An all-star remix cast formed over the course of the last year to re-work songs from Everything in Time. That lineup included- DJ Spinna, Waajeed, J.Rawls, DJ OBaH, Sam Champ, Captain Planet, DJ Eleven and others.

You Got the Love” is one of my favorite Rufus and Chaka Khan tunes and Gretchen Parlato and I had a ball paying tribute with our cover of the song from my LP. Now, Sam Champ brings a completely unique and lovely flavor to the song on his remix. Get it for free for the next week below.

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Sao Paulo Sabor – Anelis Assumpcao

Anelis Assumpção

There’s something in the water in São Paulo, Brazil.

A circle of contemporary artists are making some lovely sounds, with a vibe that draws inspiration from ’70s Kingston, yet is undoubtedly their own. São Paulo’s roots run deep, and these artists of the now are pushing the music forward, capturing something new, yet keeping the vintage/analog flavor alive in their music.

Introducing Anelis Assumpção. You may recognize her last name from her father, the incredible Itamar Assumpção. Govermnent (name) aside, Anelis is making a mark of her own. Together with producer Beto Villares, Gustavo Lenza and Céu, among others of Brazil’s finest musicians, she’s cookin’ some some tunes that you need in your life. I heard her debut LP drops on Scubidu Records in 2 weeks, search it out. In between time, enjoy “Neverland” from “Sou Suspeita Estou Sujeita Não sou Santa“.

*LOVE the nod to the The AbyssiniansSatta Massagana” at 4:59. Classic!

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Yesking X Honey Honey – Little Toy Gun


Been running this number since Mark Rae blessed me with it sometime last year. Constant play at the sets and featured it on a mix I did for KCRW in Los Angeles. Now the good people at Yesking (big up the General, Rhys Adams) have made this tasty exclusive available for free. Grab it before the SoundCloud download limit expires here. Boom!

Honey Honey – “Little Toy Gun (Yesking Remix)”

Yesking remix Series – 02 “LTG” by YESKING

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The Dynamics Sound

The Dynamics

There’s a group from Lyon, France that’s making big noise and has been for some time now.

I first got hip to the Dynamics via their cover of  Cymande’sBrother’s on the Slide“. I hold the original close to my heart, so for them to tip the hat towards it and make it their own via the lush roots number they cooked up, was something special.

That was back in 2007 and I haven’t stopped bumping their debut LP, “Version Excursions” since.

A true testament of good music is when it can stand the test of time and the Dynamics music has yet to leave my sets and probably won’t be leaving any time soon. Their rootsy remakes of Soul, Jazz and Rock covers are incredibly tasteful and flavored just right! Head’s turn whenever I drop their cover of Curtis Mayfield’sMove on Up“, while necks break in the spot when their version of The White Stripe’sSeven Nation Army” rattles speakers.

Check them out today, your ears will thank you.


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