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Push the Fader Radio – Season of Versions September 2012

Push the Fader Radio - September 2012

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More than a few people know I have a thing for cover versions. Both subscribers of the podcast and party goers alike know that I always like to keep a fresh batch of alternate versions in my bag.

After years of moving dance floors with songs that have become certified classics, new interpretations are breaths of fresh air. When a cover is so well done that it can stand up to the original, that’s a piece of gold.

This month’s Push the Fader Radio podcast highlights some of those versions. Songs that nod to the past, with an updated flavor. Perfect timing in my mind, as we make that transition from Summer to Fall and the season eases us in. In NYC it’s not cold yet, trails of the familiar summer are still there, but a little different. It’s almost like a seasonal cover or interpretation during this period.

Seasons change, mad things rearrange…

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | Season of Versions | September 2012 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – Brazil Special August 2012

PTF Radio Brasil Special August 2012

*All Brazilian Vinyl Mix | Disco É Cultura

Welcome to the August edition of Push the Fader Radio – Brazil Special.

Earlier this year I took a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While in town, I was no doubt searching for the perfect beat!

What I found was a sea of beautiful records and a tremendous amount of music to go through when I got back to NYC, endlessly combing the crates for those forgotten gems. And really, I’m still just at the beginning…

This mix is put together entirely from records purchased during that trip. On this podcast you’ll hear some of my favorite Brazilian artists, classics and versions in Soul, Jazz, Samba, MPB y more!

From Brazil to Brooklyn, with love.

*you can download every Push the Fader Radio Podcast on iTunes for free by subscribing here


For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – March 2012

PTF Radio

I take the job of digging for musical gems very seriously. New and old, the lost get found.

I make sure to leave no rock unturned when searching for the perfect beat! Along the way, you find those tracks with beats that give you instant goose bumps or lyrics that seap into your mind so deeply, they seem to come to you first thing when waking up in the morning.

There still is plenty of brand new music being made, full of flavor, but these days, you have to look harder than ever for it. You want the goodness, then go and weed through the mediocrity to find it. That’s why it’s with such pleasure that I bring Push the Fader Radio to you each month.

It’s a look inside what’s been most played in my iTunes as of late, what sees the most burn on my turntables and what exclusive may have just come my way.

This month we have new and timeless music from Quantic & Alice Russell, Protoje, Action Bronson, Jamie Woon, Marc Mac & the Visoneers, Fela Kuti and much more!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | March 2012 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio (Latin Jazz Especial) – February 2012

PTF Radio

*All Vinyl Mix

From my studio to where ever you may be in the world- welcome to the latest installment of Push the Fader Radio!

This month’s  podcast is dedicated to two of my musical loves- Jazz and Latin music. The place where they meet is beautiful, artists from both genres lighting up each other’s sessions, running off of pure influence and inspiration.

From reading the backs of the LPs covers, you see certain Latin artists featured as session musicians, often on classic Jazz recordings, while more than a few Jazz players have recorded on timeless Salsa LPs. That blend has created some incredible music and this mix is just a few of those moments that I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | February 2012 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – January 2012

PTF Radio

Fresh and new for 2012!

Push the Fader Radio is back this month, featuring a mix of both unreleased and classic selections of music in Soul, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian and Hip-Hop.

A good number of cover tunes played on this month’s show, from Tall Black Guy Productions‘ version of MJ’s Thriller with Renee Dion, to the Jazz Crusaders version of “Eleanor Rigby”. I got a thing for covers, especially when an artist can take a classic and make it their own.

Okay, enough talking, let’s get to the Center Bumps…to the great year to come!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | January 2012 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – December 2011

PTF Radio

To be honest, I could have easily kept running back Robert Glasper’sAfro Blue feat Erykah Badu” for the entire hour of this month’s radio podcast. It’s one of them tunes! I can’t seem to stop repeating that one ever since I first received an advance of it at Electric Lady Studios a couple weeks back.

Still, that would be a major de-service to you all, simply because this months show is packed with that many goodies!

New, unreleased, exclusive and timeless music from The Robert Glasper Experiment, J.Rawls & The Liquid Crystal Project, Zaki Ibrahim, Tall Black Guy, Joe Blaxx + The Temptations, José James, Jamie Woon, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley and much, much more.

Tune in, download and enjoy! Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Push the Fader family!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | December 2011 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – November 2011

PTF Radio

November is here and with it the next installment of Push the Fader Radio has arrived!

This month’s mix has been a proper life soundtrack for me, representing what the last 30 days have sounded and felt like. Packed with music I’ve come across, been bumping in the studio and/or have experienced live.

From Will Sessions’ beautiful instrumental take on Nas + Q-Tip’s classic, “One Love”, to taking in Nicola Conte’s jazz outfit live at LPR in NYC- the music has been flowing. From my street to wherever you reside, enjoy!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | November 2011 (Download)

For Complete tracklisting –

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Push the Fader Radio – October 2011

Push the Fader Radio

Push the Fader Radio is here!

Feels great to be bringing you the best in monthly podcast mixes from my favorite artists and tunes of the moment. Some special ones here, featuring new and timeless music from Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, Oddisee, Hollie Cook, Ocote Soul Sounds,The Resonators, Quantic and more!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | October 2011 (Download) 

For Complete tracklisting –

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Center Bumps – Paris DJs Special (Download)

Center Bumps - Paris DJs

* All Vinyl Mix | Cover Artwork by Andrés Jiménez

This month’s podcast mix comes to you courtesy of the Paris based website for all things soulful, funky and deep – Paris DJs.  I’ve been checking for Paris DJs for a number of years now, always updated with the latest info on some of my favorite artists and releases.

When the opportunity came to do an exclusive mix for their site, I was more than happy to put this together. Below are a couple questions you may have regarding the mix and you’ll find the link to download it straight to your digital player here.

What are Center Bumps?

Center Bumps are tunes that I’m feeling that particular week and/or month. They are songs in constant rotation and highlight new and old music that I’ve dug up in that respective time period. I use to include charts in my mailing list emails and people would always write back asking how they could hear that music.  Well, now you can courtesy of these monthly mixes.

Why did you choose to do an all Vinyl mix?

To be honest I’m still high off of Everything in Time being released on vinyl. Vinyl is still my favorite way to listen to music. I have so many gems that haven’t been released digitally, so it made sense to spread love the analog way.

Why Paris DJs?

Djouls and crew been putting it down for years on that side of the Atlantic, always keeping it fresh. With so many people in common, it was only a matter of time til we connected online for a release!

DJ Center – Center Bumps (Paris DJs Spécial) (Download)

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One for Gil- A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron (Download)

DJ Center - One for Gil

*All Vinyl Mix  | Cover Artwork by Haylow for the Roy Ayers Project

It’s been just over three weeks since Gil’s passing. Like all death, it is extremely hard to initially get the news, but as time goes on, we find ways to move on and the reality of someone passing fades, deep into our memories.

Well, to me, this one is different. The reality of Gil’s passing and the void that has been left with his absence, has been hanging over me since Friday, May 27th. Gil had a voice and spirit like no other- beautiful, soulful and real, with every word he spoke. Whether it was through his critique of America and the ‘deals in back alleys where politicians often hide’ or his call to unify the Black community, shining light on the injustices done to people of color, Gil did it like no other and to the death.

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DJ Center + DJ Spinna – In a Song Release Party Download

DJ Spinna + DJ Center in the Crates

* DJ Spinna + DJ Center Photo by Joe Villa for

Late last March, DJ Spinna and I got together in NYC to celebrate the vinyl release of “In a Song” from the “Everything in Time” album.

Folks came out to boogie with us in the outrageous space that is Mono+Mono.  Loft ceilings, vintage wood detail, photos of Jazz legends, analog equipment and a backdrop of 30,000 LPs provided the warm canvas for the music that night.

As our way of saying thank you, you’ll find each of our DJ sets from that night, ready for download below.

If you couldn’t make the jam that night, Daniel Littlewood and Charis Shafer captured some of the visuals in the video. Enjoy!

DJ Center – Live at Mono+Mono, NYC (Download)

DJ Spinna – Live at Mono+Mono, NYC (Download)

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