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DJ Center’s 22Tracks London Takeover


The music discovery service 22tracks recently approached DJ Center to curate a special takeover playlist for their London site.

Currently streaming, catch some of Center’s favorite grooves to help you ease out of the summer. Some serious speaker rattlin’ and body movin’ business here. Enjoy.

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Center Bumps – Paris DJs Special (Download)

Center Bumps - Paris DJs

* All Vinyl Mix | Cover Artwork by Andrés Jiménez

This month’s podcast mix comes to you courtesy of the Paris based website for all things soulful, funky and deep – Paris DJs.  I’ve been checking for Paris DJs for a number of years now, always updated with the latest info on some of my favorite artists and releases.

When the opportunity came to do an exclusive mix for their site, I was more than happy to put this together. Below are a couple questions you may have regarding the mix and you’ll find the link to download it straight to your digital player here.

What are Center Bumps?

Center Bumps are tunes that I’m feeling that particular week and/or month. They are songs in constant rotation and highlight new and old music that I’ve dug up in that respective time period. I use to include charts in my mailing list emails and people would always write back asking how they could hear that music.  Well, now you can courtesy of these monthly mixes.

Why did you choose to do an all Vinyl mix?

To be honest I’m still high off of Everything in Time being released on vinyl. Vinyl is still my favorite way to listen to music. I have so many gems that haven’t been released digitally, so it made sense to spread love the analog way.

Why Paris DJs?

Djouls and crew been putting it down for years on that side of the Atlantic, always keeping it fresh. With so many people in common, it was only a matter of time til we connected online for a release!

DJ Center – Center Bumps (Paris DJs Spécial) (Download)

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Rodigan Rides Again – Gilles Peterson x David Rodigan

David Rodigan

I remember being in Brixton, England back in 2005, looking to hear some reggae music. We walked the Brixton streets searching for listings and from what seemed like no where, a man on the street appears and tells us the legendary “RODIGAN” is playing at the Church that used to be the Mosque that night. After some more inquiring, we found this legendary spot that the man who greeted us spoke of.

The name of the venue was MASS (in St. Mathews Church), and it was there that David “Ram Jam” Rodigan and Papa Face held quarters every Wednesday, delivering that sweet reggae music to the people.

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From Belgium with love – The Uphigh Collective

The UpHigh Collective

I’m always amazed how music travels from the place it was created, outward to the rest of the world. Something made in Beligium ends up in Brooklyn, and it spreads out everywhere inbetween.

Of course now with the internet that’s possible instantly, but at the same time, so much gets lost in the sauce online, not to mention our hard drives. There’s something to say for the old skool hand to hand transaction of music..

Last December, I venutured out into a snowy Amsterdam to one of the cities finest vinyl shops, Rush Hour Records. There, I was fortunate enough to get passed a ’45 from the Uphigh Collective (On-Point records) via my man Cris working in the shop.

This “Blend” single that I held was truly something special. DELV!S‘ vocals were sublime, honest and packed with SOUL! The production was niiiice, airing on the bottom end (just the way I like it).

The tune is addictive, I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it and will be doing my best to break it in the states and along my travels. Have a listen, from Belgium with love…

*order it here

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Sketches of Spain- Live in Barcelona 2006

DJ Center - Live at Sala Apolo (Barcelona, ES)

Back in September of 2006, I toured Europe stopping in Barcelona, Spain to play the legendary Powder Room night at Sala Apolo (Big up Mr. Wakanda, D2D2 and crew). I arrived a couple days before my gig with some time to soak up the local flavor. On that visit, I met an incredible DJ from São Paulo, Brazil named DJ Paulão. We would co-headline the next night together at Sala Apolo, but that night he had a solo set at an underground club in the heart of the downtown.

Hanging at his set the night before the gig and hearing him rock what seemed like all the Brazilians living in the city was nothing short of magical. That set was the perfect inspiration leading to the party rocking we would do together the next night at Sala Apolo. Here’s my set from Barcelona, immediately following my man Paulão. Enjoy.

DJ Center – Live in Barcelona (Download)

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