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Live In Oakland | Better Days 7.6.14


Still getting settled from my recent run in California. Ended it on a HIGH note with a day time set in Oakland, alongside Rich Medina, Nina*Sol, Wonway, and DJ Platurn.

The vibe was outrageous!!!! Incase you weren’t in the Bay area July 4th weekend, I’ve uploaded my set for you here. Thank you Oakland, you were beautiful!


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Announcing DEM SAY AH

Dem Say Ah

It is with great pleasure and joy that I share news about my forthcoming record, Dem Say Ah featuring Akoya Afrobeat, officially out 4/15/14!

What started as a remix for Grammy Award Winning Jazz artist Gregory Porter, morphed into a straight Afrobeat dancefloor situation. For the recordings I came together with Akoya and Kaleta, Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah, Maurice Brown, Chris Rob and DJ Spinna.

For more on how the record came to fruition and to pre-order your copy, visit our Kickstarter page and let the get down begin!

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Eddie Palmieri on the Bobbito Garcia Radio Show

Eddie Palmieri on EVR

Had the honor of playing records this past Monday on The Bobbito Garcia Radio Show with none other than 9x time Grammy Award winner and living legend Eddie Palmieri in studio.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Palmieri’s works for years and still remember the day I came across “Azucar Pa”Ti“. My collection was forever changed!

I drop new/timeless music from Quantic & Nidia Góngora, Lord Echo, Dennis Brown and more!

Listen to this incredibly special broadcast here

*playlist can be found here

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The Bobbito Garcia Radio Show on East Village Radio

Center at EVR

Had the pleasure of filling in this afternoon on East Village Radio, alongside Sucio Smash, for The Bobbito Garcia Radio Show. Bob is out of town promoting Doin’ It in the Park and invited Suc and I to come co-host the show.

We had a ball playing records and chopping it up on the air. Lots of jokes and incredible selections throughout!

In case you missed the show, you can stream it here

*playlist can be found here

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Push the Fader Radio – Brazil Special August 2012

PTF Radio Brasil Special August 2012

*All Brazilian Vinyl Mix | Disco É Cultura

Welcome to the August edition of Push the Fader Radio – Brazil Special.

Earlier this year I took a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While in town, I was no doubt searching for the perfect beat!

What I found was a sea of beautiful records and a tremendous amount of music to go through when I got back to NYC, endlessly combing the crates for those forgotten gems. And really, I’m still just at the beginning…

This mix is put together entirely from records purchased during that trip. On this podcast you’ll hear some of my favorite Brazilian artists, classics and versions in Soul, Jazz, Samba, MPB y more!

From Brazil to Brooklyn, with love.

*you can download every Push the Fader Radio Podcast on iTunes for free by subscribing here

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | Brazil Special | August 2012 (Download)

Push the Fader Radio – August 2012

For Complete tracklisting -

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Trip to Brasil April 2012

This past month I made the trip happen that I’ve been waiting over half my life for-  I went down to Brasil and lived in Rio de Janeiro for two weeks.

The experience was incredible! I’ve loved Brazilian music and culture for a long time, so to go down there, post up and get a real day to day sense amongst the people was beautiful. Music is so much a part of their culture and the history of incredible artists and records coming out of Rio specifically, runs deep. I thought I had a little bit of a sense of it, but being down there, soaking up music and talking to the people was a real education.

The photo above shows a samba session that happens every Monday night, outdoors, free and with a vibe like no other! What seems like the entire Saúde community comes out  and gathers in the evening around a historic rock called Pedra do Sal. To describe the feeling is difficult to put to words, but the overall essence is happiness. You look around and it almost seems like people are trying to out do each other with who can be more happy, while singing samba classics together. That session was a major source of inspiration and one I will look back to again and again.

My record digging search began in a shop that houses all Brazilian grooves, Tropicália Discos. There, I met owners Márcio and Bruno. I spent an entire day there talking to Márcio (he later became known to us as ‘the Professor’) about the music- from Brazilian Jazz, Funk, Samba, Reggae to Soul. His crates run deep and he was an open book, sharing his love of the music with us. I came out of there with more than a few records, tunes you will be hearing from me for sometime to come! Obrigado Marcio!

That was the starting point for many other record digging adventures during my stay  in Rio, often breaking night to hit flea markets at dawn, getting the fresh picks on the finest LPs. The record digging competition is serious out there, it didn’t stop!

There’s much to miss about Rio, be it the sunsets at Apoador, Ipanema beach or the fresh fruit/juice culture on the corner of every block. Acai is the way I started out almost every morning and I’ve been searching of ways to bring that back to my daily here NYC. It’s not the same, but for now the memory will do, as this no doubt will not be the last time I’ll be in Brasil! Até que a próxima vez, todo o amor!

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Center’s Groove (Captain Planet Remix)

Center's Groove

Continuing on with our series of “free for a week” downloads from Everything in Time Remixed, we have Captain Planet’s remix of “Center’s Groove”. Catch it while it’s up and stay tuned for another treat this Tuesday! To get the word as soon as a new download goes up follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Center Bumps – Paris DJs Special (Download)

Center Bumps - Paris DJs

* All Vinyl Mix | Cover Artwork by Andrés Jiménez

This month’s podcast mix comes to you courtesy of the Paris based website for all things soulful, funky and deep – Paris DJs.  I’ve been checking for Paris DJs for a number of years now, always updated with the latest info on some of my favorite artists and releases.

When the opportunity came to do an exclusive mix for their site, I was more than happy to put this together. Below are a couple questions you may have regarding the mix and you’ll find the link to download it straight to your digital player here.

What are Center Bumps?

Center Bumps are tunes that I’m feeling that particular week and/or month. They are songs in constant rotation and highlight new and old music that I’ve dug up in that respective time period. I use to include charts in my mailing list emails and people would always write back asking how they could hear that music.  Well, now you can courtesy of these monthly mixes.

Why did you choose to do an all Vinyl mix?

To be honest I’m still high off of Everything in Time being released on vinyl. Vinyl is still my favorite way to listen to music. I have so many gems that haven’t been released digitally, so it made sense to spread love the analog way.

Why Paris DJs?

Djouls and crew been putting it down for years on that side of the Atlantic, always keeping it fresh. With so many people in common, it was only a matter of time til we connected online for a release!

DJ Center – Center Bumps (Paris DJs Spécial) (Download)

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Brazilian Funk Mode

Maybe it’s the weather in NYC this time of year, or going to check out São Paulo’s DJ Nuts put down a very nice club set last Friday in NYC, nonetheless, nothing but Musica Brasileira has been coming out of my speakers lately.

Brazilian music is EVERYTHING! Big up my man + mentor on Brazilian grooves – DJ Paulão.

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