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Sketches of Spain- Live in Barcelona 2006

DJ Center - Live at Sala Apolo (Barcelona, ES)

Back in September of 2006, I toured Europe stopping in Barcelona, Spain to play the legendary Powder Room night at Sala Apolo (Big up Mr. Wakanda, D2D2 and crew). I arrived a couple days before my gig with some time to soak up the local flavor. On that visit, I met an incredible DJ from São Paulo, Brazil named DJ Paulão. We would co-headline the next night together at Sala Apolo, but that night he had a solo set at an underground club in the heart of the downtown.

Hanging at his set the night before the gig and hearing him rock what seemed like all the Brazilians living in the city was nothing short of magical. That set was the perfect inspiration leading to the party rocking we would do together the next night at Sala Apolo. Here’s my set from Barcelona, immediately following my man Paulão. Enjoy.

DJ Center – Live in Barcelona (Download)

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