February 2012

Push the Fader Radio (Latin Jazz Especial) – February 2012

PTF Radio

*All Vinyl Mix

From my studio to where ever you may be in the world- welcome to the latest installment of Push the Fader Radio!

This month’s  podcast is dedicated to two of my musical loves- Jazz and Latin music. The place where they meet is beautiful, artists from both genres lighting up each other’s sessions, running off of pure influence and inspiration.

From reading the backs of the LPs covers, you see certain Latin artists featured as session musicians, often on classic Jazz recordings, while more than a few Jazz players have recorded on timeless Salsa LPs. That blend has created some incredible music and this mix is just a few of those moments that I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!

DJ Center – Push the Fader Radio | February 2012 (Download)

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