July 2011

A True Master – Di Fara’s Pizza

I am just as passionate about digging for records as I am searching out the most incredible food, worldwide!

About five years ago, I realized that living in NYC, I have access to some of the most serious pizza, outside of Italy. I began my mission speaking with various pizza lovers about where the most serious pies were. Traveling was no hurdle, I was all-borough ready for the most official slice.

Enter Dom DeMarco, sole chef and owner of Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. I think the best way to describe the man’s craft is giving him the title – “the DJ Premier” of pizza. Mr. DeMarco is a true master, been doing it professionally, longer than most of us have been alive. He loves what he does and is dedicated to the art of it. You can taste it in every bite, his pizza is undeniable! No one makes the pizza that you eat, except him.

Notice his focus when you pass through the shop. Most definitely worth the trip to Midwood, just make sure you plan accordingly and are prepared to wait for quality. Mini-documentary on Dom DeMarco and Di Fara’s –  The Best Thing I Ever Done, courtesy of M Emily MacKenzie.

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Rodigan Rides Again – Gilles Peterson x David Rodigan

David Rodigan

I remember being in Brixton, England back in 2005, looking to hear some reggae music. We walked the Brixton streets searching for listings and from what seemed like no where, a man on the street appears and tells us the legendary “RODIGAN” is playing at the Church that used to be the Mosque that night. After some more inquiring, we found this legendary spot that the man who greeted us spoke of.

The name of the venue was MASS (in St. Mathews Church), and it was there that David “Ram Jam” Rodigan and Papa Face held quarters every Wednesday, delivering that sweet reggae music to the people.

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BKNYC: Devil’s Pie 7.3.11

Devil's Pie Brooklyn

Really looking forward to rocking in Brooklyn (the planet) again this 4th of July weekend!

Devil’s Pie a Cali based soul institution, has spread it’s wings over to NYC with a special series of events for music lovers. This is where DJs play the music they love and the people show love back on the dance floor (crazy concept, eh?)

On a personal note, I haven’t rocked Williamsburg since my monthly at Triple Crown (RIP). Expect a night to remember!

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